ACN eye ointment is an antiviral used to treat an eye infection called Herpes simplex keratitis. This is a viral infection in the eye. It is not used in other infections in the eye such as conjunctivitis.


Treating eye infections caused by certain bacteria. NEOPAR-PLUS Eye Ointment is an antibiotic. It works by slowing the growth of, or killing, sensitive bacteria on the eye


ATRAPAR eye ointment is used before eye refraction and to treat certain eye conditions. It belongs to a class of drugs known as anticholinergics. It works by widening the pupil of the eye.

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BIOMEDICA has expanded its activities and initiated Indian and Overseas markets. It has launched and developed number of brands in latest Antibiotics, Analgesic, Steriod, Anti – inflammatory in branded ranges in Eye & Ear drops, Eye & Skin creams,Sterile dry & liq.Injections, Lotions and oral syrups in very wide range for human & Vety. use.

BIOMEDICA while thrives to reach to its new world – wide customers with more and more brands of medicines,it continues to concentrate more on quality of its products.Mrs. Simerjit Kaur Gill (B.Pharm) one of the promoters of the group has a very rich experience in pharmaceutical manufacturing. The promoters are backed by a team of professionals with expertise in the field of quality control and are ready to face any challenges. Mr.P.S.Gill, the other promoter organizes Commercial Administration, Finance and Personnel. He is most pragmatic and decision-making.